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Bacon sandwich anyone?

Well I laughed at this one. A Moslem chap who tried to claim a large wedge of compensation for the shock and trauma of having to cook pork products has had his case dismissed. So no large handout of cash for him and he has a £75,000 legal bill.

It would appear that the outraged chap was not as against bacon as he had claimed, after a colleague gave evidence in court that he had seen the chef eating bacon rolls and sausages.
A Muslim chef who lost a claim of religious discrimination against Scotland Yard after complaining he was forced to cook sausages and bacon faces a legal bill of more than £75,000.
Hasanali Khoja accused the Metropolitan Police of failing to consider his Islamic beliefs when he was asked to handle pork products as a catering manager at a police station. 
The £23,000-a-year chef claimed suggestions by his bosses that he should wear gloves and use tongs left him 'stressed and humiliated'. Muslims are banned from eating pork under Islamic law.
But Mr Khoja, 62, lost his claim in May after a police employee told an employment tribunal how she saw Mr Khoja eat bacon rolls and sausages.
Read more: at the Mail
I am just off for a bacon sandwich. I wonder how many £75,000 quid in legal fees would buy?...Yum yum...

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

I have discussed the pork&pigs thing with an Immam. He tells me that Islam does not object to them as such, just the eating of them; neither does it 'object' to non-believers eating pork, they just don't want to do it themselves.
Clearly Hasanali Khoja was just using his so-called beliefs as a fund raiser, good I hope it bankrupts him.

On the wider issue, Islam has no objection to Christmas and is not offended by public images of it. Those claims come entirely from white liberal guilt-merchants presuming to speak on behalf of Moslems who are left bemused by the whole subject.

Fidothedog said...

True, I used to work with some Turks who although muslims would be quite happy to go to the pub for a session.

The Turks seem to pick an choose the bits of Islam they want an ignore the bits that get in the way of drinking.