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Breast cancer diagnosis - Another failed Labour pledge.

They still have the nerve to claim the NHS is safe with them.
Women are still waiting months to find out whether they have breast cancer, the Government figure in charge of tackling the disease admitted last night.
Labour promised before the last election that any woman with signs of breast cancer would be seen by a specialist within two weeks by 2008.
The deadline was later extended to the end of 2009 but the cancer czar has admitted the NHS will still fail to hit the target.
Around 45,000 women develop breast cancer every single year, and survival rates are lower than in comparable Western European countries - largely because the UK is so bad at spotting signs of cancer early.
Cancer czar Professor Mike Richards said there were 'significant concerns' over the NHS's efforts to reduce waiting times for women with breast cancer symptoms.

Labour a party fine on talk but then they like to put Czars in charge of everything, rather than getting on with the job.
It was New Labour who left cancer patients to die. On an lets not forget that if it breaks the budget you will be left to die.

Maybe we should remind these expense fiddling lying scum of the broken promises:

Over the five years of a Labour government:

  1. Education will be our number one priority, and we will increase the share of national income spent on education as we decrease it on the bills of economic and social failure - fail, why after 11 years are young people still leaving school unable to read & write?
  2. There will be no increase in the basic or top rates of income tax - Fail
  3. We will provide stable economic growth with low inflation, and promote dynamic and competitive business and industry at home and abroad - Fail their taxes have led to countless businesses closing, our competitors moving in and us being less competitve in the world.
  4. We will get 250,000 young unemployed off benefit and into work - Fail.
  5. We will rebuild the NHS, reducing spending on administration and increasing spending on patient care - Fail, top heavy, cancer patients dying thanks to their dogma over top up funding, C.Diff, Mrsa.
  6. We will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, and halve the time it takes persistent juvenile offenders to come to court - Fail, knife crime and Gordon deciding to "act tough" after 11 years.
  7. We will help build strong families and strong communities, and lay the foundations of a modern welfare state in pensions and community care - Fail, sink estates, people trapped in benefits quagmire, others left out completely, ghettos of minorities and "no go areas" for whites.
  8. We will safeguard our environment, and develop an integrated transport policy to fight congestion and pollution - Fail, in 2010 the battery recycling laws come into effect that we signed up for years ago, Labour as of 2002 recycled 0.5% of all batteries.
  9. We will clean up politics, decentralise political power throughout the United Kingdom and put the funding of political parties on a proper and accountable basis - Fail, wall to wall sleaze and greedy MP's robbing the public blind, as well as MEP's.
  10. We will give Britain the leadership in Europe which Britain and Europe need - Fail, they hand money over and rubber stamp EU dictates.

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