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Bastard snow.

Was informed by the better half that it was snowing, only a John Prescott's cock's worth(that's about half a fucking inch) on the steps outside; but fecking snow and it is as cold as fuck as well.

Have to go out tomorrow, about a million bastard things to do and have a feeling that I shall be taking a licensed bandit trip in a taxi run by some Abdul straight off the Eurostar to points B, C, D and then back to A.

If this is global warming, it needs to speed the fuck up here in Wales.

10 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

There's about a fucking foot of snow where I am, and the icicles on the roof are absolutely gigantic.

Still, it's a fine job the good Comrades of New Labour are doing their best to solve Global warming...and perish the thought that it may have something to do with fleecing us out of yet more taxes...that's just slander.

subrosa said...

Not bad up here at the moment, just a sprinkling. Not nearly as cold as the last couple of nights either.

Roads fine too so all that last minute stuff will be done by tomorrow night.

Have a peaceful Christmas and a Guid New Year.

Fidothedog said...

Roll on the rain I say, get back to our usual Welsh weather of it pissing down.

banned said...

Still no snow here but it's been frosty as fuck ever since the local council shut down for a fornights holiday. Not a single sign of them salting the roads, lazy bastards.

Brew Wales said...

Fido - you up for building a snow cock outside the home of your local MP?

TheBigYin said...

We've had quite a thick snowfall over the past few days here in the North East of England. Outside my window I can see cars tentatively negotiating the bend in the road. I've set up my video camera to watch for the idiots that insist on driving as if it's a sunny summers afternoon, the silly fookers!

Global warming? Tut tut, it's climate change now, don't you know. Climate change, that's a larf, the climate changes all the bloody time. Do these bloody "scientists" never look out of the bloody window?

Fidothedog said...

Brew Wales, oh yes.

SB said...

Here in Rhondda Fach, I got up at 6 this morning, all ready to go to work. I looked out the window and there was about 6 inches of snow. I KNEW that there wouldn't be any buses on the road. So I couldn't even TRY to get to work!

Back to bed for me! :-)

Phoned in to work at about 9.30 and there's even more snow there (Merthyr Tydfil). Only those living locally could get in.

No buses on the road yet... Good old Strangecoach...

Brew Wales said...

SB you live in Rhondda Fach and have a job?

SB said...

Yes, Brew Wales, I do! Hard to believe isn't it?! ;-)