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Shat West - Inept and unable to grasp how to treat customers.

Now I left the tender embrace of Shat West some time back but took the liberty of popping in a complaint to the  Financial Ombudsman Service, who wrote to me on the 30th Nov. This was followed by an acknowledgment letter from Shat West on the 7th of Dec. advising that they would be in touch and from an Amanda Harris on the Customer Relations dept.

Today I get a letter from Shat West, which quite frankly had bugger all to do with the complaint and the many, many points that I had raised.

Instead it whittered on about the couple of pennies that I left in the account and how that was closed and a further charge of £12.95 was due for the Advantage Gold Subscription. How they used the few pennies to clear that and waived the rest of this charge. They added "For this reason there was no credit balance due to be paid to you.

I hope you will find this a satisfactory resolution to your complaint."

Well as they did not deal with, indeed not even mention my complaint or rather complaints; then no I do not find this a satisfactory resolution.

So I decided to call them, an this is where the fun began.

First up was Mr Drone, very polite which is a vast improvement on 99.9% of the staff they have. I gave him the ref. number and was then told that as I did not have an active account I would need to write in and he could not discuss this matter with me.

I pointed out that the letter from his department and from someone called Nick Murphy and actually said ""Please let me know if you remain dissatisfied by either phoning me on 0800 015 4212..." Apparently that was not good enough an the "computer says no attitude returned."

I ended the call and called back asking to speak to the elusive Nick Murphy, a lady advised that someone would call me back and took contact details...

So two calls and no joy, then the callback came.

I explained that my complaint was not about the closing balance but about the rather shoddy service from their call centres, the Newport branch and the total lack of communication and hiding behind the rules are rules argument.

I gave the example of them refusing to pay out on my washing machine and my being a few hundred quid down on the deal. Something that I covered here, here, here, and here.

She barely acknowledged that, they may consider that matter closed but I sure as fuck don't. So I got back onto banking matters, and their attempts to shaft me for charges. I also mentioned that I advised them by mail and they utterly failed to offer a resolution leading to my closing the account.

Brought up the unhelpful attitude of those in branch who refused point blank to remove the charges and keep a customer and my offering to put the cash into that account from another there and then.

Helpful banking, not at Nat West in Newport.

I did mention that they were kind enough to mail me back after I had actually closed my account.

I did mention that I had mailed them a couple of times, and they not appear that bothered over losing business  and that explains in part the current state of the banks. Although I got a half arsed attempt at apology.

Then she mentioned that there had been a telephone conversion which she claimed had been resolved, something I denied having not been offered a satisfactory resolution I was not willing to close off the complaint(s). Especially when I also found out during that call that had I stayed with Nat West I would have been charged at total of £108 in charges.

The lady I spoke to seemed rather confused saying that I had been reimbursed this money, I had not they were written off by the bank as I had closed my account prior to them being put on. She did grasp it finally bless her, but it took time.

Then the conversation got around to what did I want, well for them to improve their service and maybe(and I am not holding my breath on this) someone to call up and apologize over bloody shoddy service, rude staff and hiding behind rules to which I had been subjected. Oh and a total lack of the oft talked about and never seen by me "helpful banking"

She attempted to defend the £108 quid, I said that as I was not charged it, it was not that important but still wrong and spent her time defending the banks position.

Not a single sorry passed her lips, or admission in any way shape or form of any error on the banks part.

She said that another letter would be sent me in 7/10 days re the Newport branch and the level of service I had received.

And so another mail has gone to customer.relations@natwest.com

5 people have spoken:

Barking Spider said...

I got away from those bastards about seven years ago, mate!

Fidothedog said...

Good, I aim to lose the fuckers a few more customers. Not asking for much, just some fucker to apologize and sound like they mean it.

If I wanted a bastard lecture on defending the bank I would go to the branch.

Thankfully my new bank is better than them, it would be hard to be worse.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for your tenacity mate, really I do, I used to bank with these arseholes. They're almost as useful as our MP's, that is they're half-cunts, because even full on cunts have a use.

I predict you will never have any joy with them, but keep on fighting, there may be hope.

banned said...

That first picture is a real gem.
My X-bank called me on my mobile during my day off about some trifling matter.
I span the conversation for a while before saying, " Nick, you have been talking to me for thirty five minutes about this, do you think that is a worthwhile return on your Banks investment in you?"

Like Barky, I fucked'em off years ago.

Ian said...

You think they are bad! You want to try Barclies....3 calls to downgrade an account and still being charged £12 a month for an account I held with the ex wife. Promise after promise that "it was sorted" but no action.They are all a bunch of "Bankers"!