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The Big Brother New Labour State:12-year-old suspended for 'crisp dealing'

From Big Brother Watch...A 12-year-old caught selling crisps at a school with a “healthy food policy” has been suspended by his headteacher.

Joel Bradley, a pupil at Liverpool's Cardinal Heenan High School, had already been caught selling sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks at a marked-up price, and when he was found a second time selling a packet of Discos for 50p, the school sent him home.

The headmaster, Dave Forshaw, told the Daily Mail:

"We are a healthy school and proud of it. If parents are not happy then they are perfectly free to take their children to a school that allows pupils to sell these things and allows a father to sell them outside on the pavement"

There are two notes of caution I feel I must add. The first is that Joel's dad had previously been found to be selling sweets and drinks from a van outside the school which, although legal, shows a massive amount of disrespect for the school's policy. The second is that Joel was undoubtedly breaking the rules as laid out by the school.

Welcome to New Labours Britain, where entrepreneurial spirit gets you into trouble with the rule makers. Maybe they should think that if their rules were that popular the other kids would not have been buying the snacks...

3 people have spoken:

James D said...

And of course parental choice is a myth. If they genuinely allowed successful schools to meet demand, then there'd be a whole load of failed teachers (cough, like those who pontificate about health, rather than actually teaching) and LEA bureaucrats out of a job.

banned said...

Would Joel have been sent home if he had been caught 'pushing' portions of fruit or if his Dads van had been supplying tofu burgers ?

Amusing Bunni said...

WTF, that is the craziest thing ever.
What would they have done if he was dealing crack?

These administrators need to go to some of the schools in the Chicago "hood. Kids get beaten to death in the street. This little guy should get a medal for being a young entrepreneur.