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There is never a Taliban terrorist when you need one...

McSnotty recently waddled his lardy arse over to Afghanistan to do the saving of his nose diving career moral building with the troops on the front line.

Lots of spin from No.10 on how jolly impressed all the soldiers were at having to put up with McCyclops, however back in the real world of Arrse:

"Pulled the short straw and drew R & R first week in December when all your old civvy friends are not going out because they're saving for Christmas. RAF take 12 hours to get you back to Bastion whereas it took them 5 days to get you home on the start of your leave. Sat in transit accomodation in Bastion waiting for the wocka-wocka back to the PB. Try and catch a quick power gonk, rudely awakened and told to get dressed because this bell-end wants to waffle to you."

"Making a big thing on Sky about this clown sleeping in "basic dormitory-style quarters in Kandahar airfield" Well fcuking hell, give the man a carrot. As if we should be impressed he has foregone his usual luxury."

"...I can remember when Des Browne came to Baghdad: utter arrogant prick who wanted to experience no discomfort whatsover and had no time for any of the blokes who put their lives on the line ferrying him around the place."

"Soldiers and ex-soldiers on here are merely slating a person who has done fuck all good for the Armed Forces since he came into power. Is that so hard to understand?"

"I blame the Taliban, where the fcuk are they when you need them?  A nice, non-fatal attack on Kandahar and no choppers to take the PM out of it, oh the juicy irony of it."

"Prior to these snakes arriving in theatre the lads, who are busy enough as it is, are required to sit through pointless briefs about media exposure, followed by hours of pushing brooms around the desert. On the visit itself the lads will stand around and nod in agreement with the PM whether they agree with his comments or not, purely because they don't want to rock the boat and embarrass the CofC. How does this benefit the lads? I've not even started about the extra security arrangements required while he's there. What possible benefit does this bring anyone, apart from himself?"

"If he had slept in the RSOI accommodation I would have been impressed. However, just because the VIP accommodation at Kandahar is not a 5* hotel it does not qualify as "basic quarters".  Shameless media spin from the No.10 team trying to make him look good."

Calling England.
No doubt that blubber ladensnot munchingpill poppingpant pissing wanker will claim now he is "one of the brave boys". What a weapons grade cock he is.

2 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

He fucked up his timing, too.

He, of all people, should know that he needed to spend at least five days out there before he could award himself the Operational Service Medal.

You know, the one that soldiers spend six months dodging bullets for.

What a cunt.


banned said...

Likewise, went straight to ARRSE upon hearing of McDooms visit.