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The Daily Mail get confused on drinking.

First up they run a scare story about how women are drinking to much of the demon booze an they may have a few units over the recommended amount.

Then they decide to go all consumer rights and run a story about how drinkers are not getting a full pint measure in their local.

Re the first units are utter arse gravy and were dreamed up by some chaps on the back of a fag packet and have been used for years, despite having no basis in science.

As for the second, if you don't get a full pint then complain.

Although do take care about complaining over a short pint measure if you are in JD Wetherspoon,  the supplier of booze to the social underclass as the staff may bar you for doing so.

Also I had best point out that customers who fancy a pint the Hornblower in Newport, should also refrain from asking for a clean glass. Myself and Brew Wales stopped off for a pint and when he asked for a clean glass and was abused for his crime.

Having been back in I have noticed it is under new ownership and even the mould stain creeping up the wall has been removed.

Customer service alive an well in Wales. ;-)

5 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

Ha ha not seen the photo of the dwarf-bonking skank for ages. Well remembered the day I took that picture. Handcuffs and other restraints were used a bit!

Screech said...

BW....show us the rest of the photos then then :-D By the way either of you know if she is still around these days? Not seen her for years.

Anonymous said...

The only horn I'll be blowing is my own when we march on to the Houses of Shite....

Skanky paper, skanky bitch!

Curmudgeon said...

No doubt Shenker will defend short measures as a way of reducing alcohol consumption without people really noticing.

banned said...

Since it is winter I confine myself to one large malt before leaving for a smoke on the way home.
Let's look out for a post New Years Eve barrage of binge stories in the press. Alcohol drinkers are next and I will remember that they gave no support whatever to smokers.