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Ann Clwyd - Banging on about rights on the TV.

She seems rather concerned about rights of dusky folk in hot sandpit nations...

But not your rights to have a value for money MP, as it was Ann Clwyd who claimed £2,300 for carpets, tables and a chair a snip at 375 quid from Maskreys department store.

She sees it as a vital right for her to claim mortgage interest paid for by you, its her right to charge you for a cleaner to clean the house you help pay for.

Who thinks it is her right to claim all her utilities off you, so when your huge electric bill turns up you can be pleased knowing you paid Ann's electric bill for her.

Who deems it her right to charge you twenty five quid for each night she spends at her second home. How cool is that! Get the taxpayers to help fund the second home, get them to pay for its upkeep and cleaning and we even pay her when she sleeps over.

She deems it her right as this shows to grab the maximum 400 quid food allowance each and every month, which explains why she has such a fat arse.

She also sees it as vitally important to keep her cushy MP allowance as her right.

Who thinks the state has the right to lock you up for 42 days.

Who can pontificate about rights abroad whilst voting to shaft Gurkha's.
Her concepts on rights and ours seem rather different.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Annie my sweetheart, you time is short.... make the most of it...

banned said...

The local electorate will know what to do to this troughligate whore.