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Gordonomics: The money is running out...

...An all McSnotty can do is print off more cash....

The Bank of England today warns Britain is in danger of losing its 'credit standing' with international investors.
Many are worried about the vast quantity of government bonds that will have to be sold over the coming years, the Bank reveals in its Quarterly Bulletin.

The Bank adds that investors may be demanding 'additional compensation' for purchasing UK gilts, which are the main way the Government finances the gap between tax receipts and public spending.

Simple answer to this one folks: A hemp noose, a lamp post or 646 and Gordon and the government twitching their last as the whole land holds parties in the streets to celebrate their demise.

Economists are starting to fear a nightmare scenario: that Britain’s credit card is torn up as we’re force to go cold turkey. According to the debt markets, Britain is now judged more likely to go bust than McDonald’s. Or Gap. Or Vodafone.
Frazer Nelson, News of the World 

2 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

We're in that same fu*king boat with you guys. The rest of the world is laughing their asses off as we struggle to dig our own graves, while those in the third world stand ready to toss dirt in our faces when we fall in.

Fidothedog said...

Ron, time to clean house, hemp nooses for all the political class.