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House flipping MP throws a stone in a glass house.

My local censoring loon of an MP starts off with this:
Does Cameron believe he can get away with anything?
His party is deeply mired in the non-dom scandal. A year after Gordon Prentice put a Freedom of Information request in on the truth of Lord Ashcroft's tax status, we still do not know his status. Cameron is still tight lipped and refusing to provided details. We do know that Ashcroft is using his £millions to undermine Labour MPs in marginal seats.
Gosh, really? This from an MP who has his aged snout stuck into the expenses trough, curly tail up just like the rest of them.
Strange how he has said absolutely nothing on his flipping his humble champagne socialist abode for financial gain?...
Unlike Mr Flynn's site I offer a right to reply without censorship, to quote Flynn's own words "Pass the sick bucket" with regards Flynn's hypocrisy.

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