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House flipping thieving scumbag boasts of his theft.

From Paul "House flipper" Flynn's website:

He boasts "I am the cheepie. The totals claimed were:-"
Islwyn Labour MP Don Touhig with £23,898.69
Monmouth Conservative David Davies £23,815.60.
Blaenau Gwent Independent Dai Davies £22,441.67
Torfaen Labour Paul Murphy, £14,294.29,
Newport East' Labour Jessica Morden £13,407.31
Newport West' Labour Paul Flynn £10,008.93,
My message to the Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP is simple:
Look you aged, libel case losing(an yes he charged us for his defence) wanker; theft is theft. You see in the real world, outside the closeted taxpayer funded paradise that is Westminster; we do not get other peoples money to fund our second homes.

We do not even get other peoples money to fund our first homes. The fact is Flynn, many are losing their first and only home much like they have seen their jobs vanish under Gordon's not so wise rule.

After paying for their transport, fuel, train fares and their own food most people do not have a lot of cash left.

Paying the mortgage with no interest help off the public, paying their rent, paying their utility bills that you and the other overpaid scum claim back off of us; they in many cases are not left with even £10 grand of their money to spend on their home. Yet alone claim that money off of someone else in order to tart up their abode.

Flynn you have shown that you do not get it, do not even understand the basic problem of the expenses saga.

Newport deserves better than him as MP.

2 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

Sounds as though your political leaders have a good thing going and are soaking the taxpayers. They do the same over hear. The average pay for a government employee is about $30,000 more per year than a worker in the private sector.

Fidothedog said...

Very true Ron, bastards in need on a hanging party.