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If ever there was the slightest doubt the New Labour state was mismanaged by utter cunts.

Then this removes that doubt and yes they are and everyone who votes for them are complete and utter syphilitic aids infected cunts.
A judge has sentenced a businessman at the centre of a fraud case to 3½ years in jail despite admitting the existence of fresh evidence that casts doubt on the safety of his conviction.

Lawyers for Philip Bowles, who claim his ability to defend himself was impaired after his assets were frozen by the courts, were seeking his release on bail yesterday, pending an urgent appeal against his conviction for cheating Revenue and Customs.

Bowles, 60, was imprisoned amid extraordinary scenes at Oxford Crown Court on Monday evening, as Judge Anthony King publicly wavered over jailing him. Defence lawyers had asked the judge to avoid a “grave injustice” by taking the unprecedented step of sending the case to the Court of Appeal before passing sentence. That request was rejected.

An appeal would centre on a forensic accountancy report, which claims that far from owing taxes, Bowles’s companies were due a refund.

From Oldt Holborn
To ensure that he could not adequately fight back or mount a defence, HMRC seized his assets. No innocent until proven guilty for people who have offended the sensibilities of the State whose credo is the money belongs to us, unless proved otherwise.

The Judge has so little independent freedom of action under this Rotten Parliament, despite there being more than adequate evidence that there is significant doubt that the man is guilty in the Judge's mind, that he has to go to jail, pending an appeal.

Best comment go's to Peter Avery, assistant director of HMRC Criminal Investigations, who welcomed the sentence, saying: “This sentence will serve as a deterrent to anyone who thinks that tax fraud is a risk worth taking.” - Know your place scum, pay up, be jailed even if you have over payed us.

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