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A random text message and fun resulting from...

So I was sat in the pub with the author of Brew Wales and a random text comes through:

Hi Kate U missed lush nite. mega drunk me. u now robbie price he passed me a lesb pic and it tha gal u use 2 work wiv from newbridge. U b mega shockd her poor b.friend.
Tamara X.
Now most people might have deleted this right off, or ignored it, maybe a text back to say that one has the wrong number; yeah right like fuck is that going to happen this is me and some chav bird has sent a misdirected text my way; thus me and an equally drunken mate issue a reply:

Hi Tam x! I luv u cos i cun out as a les an me her had fun already(smily face logo) U up 4 a 3 some as we both think U hot
x Kate xxx

So I figure that should either piss them off or confuse them, either way its a jape and amusing. Maybe nothing more will be heard, well yes it was....

U r mad Kate Who phone U on? Got tha gals pic 4 U. R u the theif who nicked my thong last w.end(smily face)
Okay so they back for more and also misspelt the word thief an so between our twisted minds we sent Tamara this:

Yer thong smell nice as me an my gal get it on. Was you on the rag last week as it really pongs? On 4 a 2 way les sess jus u an me XXX Kate.
Now if that don't piss someone off, I don't what will. Well not 2 minutes later comes a reply.

Na i aint up 4 it babe. U welcome to my liam x.

Note this text appears a lot shorter and somewhat worried about the context of the conversation between what I can but assume what was two platonic and happy friends and the boundaries suddenly moving somewhat. So we had to send a last and so far un-replied text which read:

Dont want liam as he takes it from jon up the arse. Still want u n facied u for ages. Cant wait to kiss yr moist lips an I dont mean the ones on yr face(smily face)
Lvs ya kate XXX

It kept us drunken types highly amused for a good few hours. If you wish to add your 2p worth to this, then do let Tamara know on +447812483815.

4 people have spoken:

Tamara said...

duz tha meen yoo wu avin mee onn theN kate ann yore nott ah lesboen?

Anonymous said...

Classy mate, very classy :-) Had a good old giggle at that thanks. Have a good Christmas, thanks for showing what utter contemptable cunts out politicians are. Keep it up!

Brew Wales said...


banned said...

Wow, I hope one of those messages comes my way; I'd have to get the neighbours 20 year old son to help out coz i ant gd wiv th txt cht stuff.