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Its only in the UK that folk dislike Tony "Chuckles" Blair, apparently God said so...

Tony Blair has claimed it is only in the UK that he is disliked and that he is much more popular abroad.
The former Prime Minister has blamed the British press for his image at home and has defended his lucrative second career that has netted him millions since he quit politics.

Well maybe those abroad did not have to live here in the UK, whilst Blair secretly opened the door to who knows how many millions of benefit drawing jihadists, Nigerian con merchants and 3rd World lay-about's.  They did not have to put up with his over expansion of the state sector, whilst running down industry and crippling us  with endless regulations and paperwork.

Then we have his war, started after that jolly day that was a fine day to bury bad news. You know I think that millions of Arab's might take a bit of a dislike to Tony for joining in a war on their land, especially as it was all based on sexed up dossiers.

Then we have been lumbered after Tone re-discovered God despite keeping quiet about his Catholic views whilst in power, with that inept snot finger covered, unable to count, rent cheque bouncing, drug addled fuckwit Gordon; cheers for leaving us with that at the helm Tone.

Maybe God told him that he was loved abroad, whilst they were sat in the lounge with a couple of pints; like some grinning version of Police Chief Sir Malachi Jericho from The New Statesman.

All I hope is one of those people abroad who Tone thinks loves him so very much decides to send Tone off to paradise with him to the cry of Allah Akbar, in what is euphemistically called a martyrdom operation. Hopefully taking that grasping money obsessed harpy of a wife of his along with them.

2 people have spoken:

JPT said...

He and his wife are devils in my opinion so they should know God very well.

banned said...

If Tone is so well liked abroad why does't he just fuck off back there for good.