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Labour MP Eric Joyce had expense claims frozen.

The Grauniad has this shocking story on an arrogant MP acting like he is someone important:

A Labour MP was pursued by the Commons authorities and forced to repay nearly £5,000 in "non-parliamentary" travel expenses to Tokyo, Kinshasa and Nairobi after he ignored their demands for repayment.

Eric Joyce, the MP for Falkirk who is already known for receiving the most expenses of any MP in Britain, was told in October last year that his parliamentary expenses had been suspended until he repaid £4,985.60 in flight and hotel costs incurred on trips by two unofficial all-party groups of peers and MPs.

As a further penalty for ignoring a series of official requests for repayment, Joyce was told that £319.85 in mileage claims and £595 in Commons expenses were being kept to use as down-payments towards the money he owed.

In one of the most serious controversies to emerge from release of the latest MPs' expenses claims, the documents reveal Joyce made a formal apology "for the highly regrettable" oversight a day after his allowances were suspended.

Just think on this, this is YOUR money this fucknut is wasting and he thinks he is important enough to ignore demands for payment. Should we do that the bailiffs turn up and take our stuff. 

Eric has shown he is an expensive champagne socialist before.
Thieving lying duplicitous Rt Hon. cunts, welcome to Troughligate 2.

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Is he a Jew boy?