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Liverpool kicks out the ID cards.

Spotted this in the Morning Advertiser. A motion opposing the scheme was passed unanimously at the Liberal Democrat-controlled city council - meaning every Labour councillor registered their opposition.

It means the council won’t publicise the roll-out or let its premises be used for promotional events or meetings connected to the cards.

It will even work with groups campaigning against the cards to raise awareness of the “dangers” of the ID card database.

The cards will cost £30. People in Manchester can already apply for them and the national roll-out is planned for 2011/2012.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Paula Keaveney, one of those who proposed the motion, said the action follows news that Liverpool is likely to be the next test area for the scheme.

She said: “The Government is trying ‘soft-marketing’ of ID cards as a voluntary scheme. They started doing that in Manchester and the signs are they are starting to do that in Liverpool - the leader of the council has had communications from the relevant Government department.”

Opponents of the cards say the card database breaches people’s privacy and won’t help the fight against crime, terrorism or illegal immigration.

In September Identity and Passport Service chief executive James Hall, who heads the roll-out of the cards, told the Morning Advertiser that he thought the cards would eventually replace other forms of ID used in pubs. James followed this up with a claim that it would stop Martian insurgents coming to Earth and blowing carrying out acts of terror as well stopping them from claiming our benefits.

**He did not actually say that last bit, but based on the utter bilge issued by HM Govt he may well have. 

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Cutting air power spending in a war which relies on regular air strikes.
This will save some, less roadside bombs, and kill others, less air cover! It stinks!

banned said...

What has been the take-up of ID cards in Manchester ?

Fidothedog said...

Very poor just over a thousand fools have been fleeced of their £30 to buy a card, a card with no readers, that will be scrapped and is of no use.