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Quentin "sheep abuser" Davies and that bell tower claim.

Well Quentin proves he is an inept bloated expenses fiddling tool yet again.
A minister who submitted £20,000 in expenses for repairs to his roof and bell tower today dismissed the row over his claims as a 'joke'.
In comments that risk reigniting the furore over his expenses, Quentin Davies insisted he had not done 'anything remotely wrong'.
The defence minister was incredulous when asked if he had considered stepping down after his claims were revealed when documents were made public last week.
So not done anything wrong, well how about animal cruelty: He was once fined for two charges of animal cruelty relating to sheep on his estate; following his conviction and the immediate dismissal of the shepherd who had been left in charge of the estate, he was greeted by Labour MPs with a retort of 'Baaa!'

Oh sorry he was on about pissing away our money on a claim he stuck in. Well of course he thinks that is jolly fine, just the rest of the house flippers, porn film claimers and chimney sweeps on expenses wankers. Roll on the day when we get this shower hauled out to the gallows, although in Quentin's case the gallows will need to be reinforced in order to sustain his bloated blubber laden corpse.

4 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

I don't know "Quentin" the sheep abuser but would like to ask what was the nature of this unnatural act with the sheep. Was he just running his fingers through the wool or did he wave his magic wand in the darkness of the stall.

Your great leaders sound a lot like ours and are only out to line their pockets

Fidothedog said...

He was charged over the animals living conditions, don't think he was engaged in some farm action....but I may be wrong on that...

Brew Wales said...

It was not man-on-sheep action but he had left them without food/water. Obviously likes to shag skinny sheep.

Fidothedog said...

The love that only bell end Davies can have for a sheep...