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Lord Taylor of Warwick, for all his titles just a common thief.

Another peer caught with his grasping paws in the till stealing our money:
 TORY peer has been caught using someone else’s home address to claim tens of thousands of pounds in expenses.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, a 57-year-old former barrister, told the House of Lords that his main home was a terrace house in Oxford which he neither owned nor lived in.

The property’s owner, Tristram Wyatt, a university academic, said he was unaware that his address had been used as the peer’s main home.

Now were this you or me who had been caught doing this, we would in short order end up being sacked, arrested and facing a case up before the justices. Then even if- we were lucky enough to avoid jailtime - we would face action to recover the stolen monies on top of whatever penalties the court system imposed on us.

So if the agents of the state are not busy with vital tasks like telling a chap he can help kids cross the road, they might consider hauling in this ignoble peer to help with their enquiries. Lets see fraud, theft, abuse of his office, pecuniary advantage....(Just for starters)

We have an act passed by Labour that would be perfect in this and every case of MP fraud, its called SOCA and used to seize the assets of criminals. Some may consider that extreme but then the state uses it against fishermen

It won't happen though, not for a second will the political class see one of their own go to the wall and end up in jail avoiding the attentions of Big Vern in the shower block. A slap on the wrist and token fine will be the maximum he receives, after all should he fall they might be next....

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

"neither owned nor lived in" another new depth of troughery.

Fidothedog said...

An he will walk away with his stolen money, unlike the dole frauds.