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New Labour plan to kill off pensioners.

The pre-Budget report pledge to raise the state pension will not apply to some parts of the pension - potentially saving the Treasury £350m in 2010/11.

The Chancellor said the "basic state pension" would rise by 2.5% in April.

But pensions minister Angela Eagle says extras such as the State Earnings Related Pension (Serps) will be frozen.

She says this will prevent "unfairness" between Serps and company pension schemes. But a BBC report says other pension benefits will be frozen too.

A spokesperson for The Chancellor said "Fuck em'. The bastards are not voting for us, so hopefully a bloody good cold snap will kill them. More money for us to piss up against the wall on expenses and eco-loon policies."

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Angry Old Git said...

We are living in a socialist police state, funded by money stolen by the local authorities and the police from your council taxes.

They call it 'Common Purpose Training', Common purpose is a bogus charity set up to train the 'right people' to enforce the EU legislation which will abolish Parliament and transfer power to each of the eight regional assembly offices that have been set up and are fully staffed and running, funded once again from money stolen from the Council Taxpayers.

The Judiciary, those fools in horsehair wigs, the police, Crown Prosecution Service, Civil Service have all become branches of Brown's communist government.

They have betrayed us all and steal from us at every opportunity. It is not Brown's £1.5 billion he has pledged to fight 'global warming' but yours and mine.

The man is a liar, traitor and thief, but be careful.

Remember Jack Straw, or corkscrew Jack, has just legalised secret coroners courts, and as far as I am aware the only reason for secret coroner's courts is to prevent anyone learning what killed someone. It's a licence for the State to commit murder and they will probably start with its critics and dissenters, you and me.

banned said...

Angry Old Git, very true, and those 8 English Regions are run by the Regional Development Agencies that Dave has lied to us by saying he will close them down. He Can't, they are run by Europe and are the conduit by which our money is funnelled back to us.

LV, re your earlier post about Redcar, Chris booker is on the case.


"Dr Pachauri's other main job, apart from being chairman of the IPCC, is as director-general of the Tata Energy Research Institute, funded by Tata, which he has run since 1981."

Ron Russell said...

Its starting to look that way over here across the pond with the progressives eyeing ways to cut back on medical care for American seniors, who vote mostly Republican. These progressive bastards will do anything to eliminate opposition, including murdering old people. Evil does exist in this old world and those that think the world is a gray area with no right or wrong, no good or evil are living in a fools paradise.