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Use of camera defines you as a terrorist under New Labour.

Not very members of the plod can not grasp that a "free individual" has the right to film in a public place and doesn't have to explain their actions to the police.

The two fine upstanding chaps who state they do not believe the woman in the film, this is said near the start are of course; the oh so brilliant PCSO's. Unless arrested you do not have to explain your actions to them, least of all when going about ones lawful business in a "free society."

Thanks Labour for turning us into a rundown corrupt version of the former East Germany.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Thank goodness that chap knew his stuff and stood his ground. Sadly most members of the public do neither and behaviour like that of these officers will become accepted as normal.

Fidothedog said...

Banned, pass illiberal laws and of course the police, security and pcso's will act like utter cunts.

Section 44 needs to be removed, roll on the day the fuckers attempt to question me....