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New scum scum: Baroness Adams, £200,000 and just one speech.

Remember all that bashing of the Lords, staffed they said with baby seal clubbing, fox hunting Tory peers who eat babies for breakfast.

It needs reform they said, it needs the life peers who are their through the privilege of birth removed they said. They waved the red flags and promised a second house staffed with honest fine folk, but they meant their own; rewards for the champagne socialist elite....
And what a very expensive parasite she is:

She has cost the taxpayer £200,000 in expenses since becoming a peer four years ago but Baroness Adams of Craigielea’s voice was heard just once in House of Lords proceedings.

Her maiden speech on the issue of the West Lothian question in February 2006 was to be her first and last contribution to the cut and thrust of repartee in the Lords chamber.

However, Labour’s Lady Adams, who as Irene Adams represented the constituency of Paisley north for 15 years from 1990, was the second most expensive peer in the Lords last year, charging £66,896, including £30,212 for overnight accommodation.

She would be better suited rooting about a French forest for truffles. Oink, oink, oink.

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