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Bastard snow - post 2.

Another slight sprinkling of global warming this evening, little more than a few flakes. Alas as the other lot from the other day, has laid unmoved for and sadly unmelted; the whole of my town has turned into a glorified skating rink for both pedestrians and motorists.

Not a sign of gritting machine to make movement possible as the council has pissed away the budget on eco-bin coordinators, junkets and jobs for the boys and dildo's for black lesbian single parents (probably).

Roll on global warming in order to get rid of the fucking stuff.

Bastard snow post 1 here.

3 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

Haven't you built that snowman yet? It'll get rid of your frustration. Might give you a dose of the cold though ...

Fidothedog said...

I hate the bastard stuff, great on Christmas cards but it can fuck the fuck off from my area.

banned said...

Still no snow here, lots of ice though. Local radio told us that "Police report 50 car accidents in 24 hours and advise caution because the roads have not been gritted"

No mention of WHY THE FUCK NOT! Are the lazy council cunts waiting for Xmas day so they can be paid quadruple time ?