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Rt Hon. David Taylor MP - Dead.

I decided to do an obituary of a parasite and so reposted this.

It is an ex-MP, it is no more, it has shuffled off this mortal coil an gone to meet the choir invisible.

One MP who will be getting to enjoy his ill gotten gains, I am raising a glass to the removal of another parasite from the body politic. Still, at least there'll be no more taxpayer funded flats for his daughter.

I do hope the thieving scrotum paid us all back that £8000 quid before dying.

An so I present for you the obituary of David Taylor.

Those who knew him well are disappointed by the wholly misleading inadequate accounts of his work. In his years as an MP he gave his all into doing fuck all and blaming everything on the evil smokers

Inevitably there is a prurient interest in a possible by-election embarrassment. The spin machine will be in overdrive and there is no truth in Nokia phones being thrown across the No.10 bunker as Gordon calls Taylor a cunt for dying on him.DAVID

He was known for his sense of humour and would no doubt appreciate the irony in dying before he could stand down as an MP and enjoy his ill gotten gains.

It was his fellow MPs who voted him the Backbencher of the Year in 2007, an example in political whoring, cock suckery and rubber stamping any old shit. I

He pursued the higher aims of class warfare, blaming everything on baby eating Tories and the BNP; playing the animal welfare card to have a go at everything countryside related.

He demonized the smokers and helped push the nanny state ban that stops people engaging in legal activities just because they are in a public space.

He was hurt in the last twelve months by off-target grotesquely unfair criticism. Indeed if anything the expenses he fiddled over his years in Government far exceeded the rather piss poor amount he was asked to pay back. 

He will be sadly missed come the day when the masses haul out the 646 sorry 645 MP's and stick their heads on spikes. 

Mind you, they dug Oliver Cromwell up so maybe he will be joining them after all. 

7 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

No one else mentioned this Trougher took the taypayer for 8k. If this had not been a MP but a normal person who had stolen from the taxpayer would there be so many tributes paid to him?

Curmudgeon said...

I also heard on the BBC news that he had been "a leading figure in the campaign to outlaw smoking".

I hope he rots in hell, to be honest.

Barking Spider said...

I'm with Curmudgeon on this, now that he's fucked off and died, he can have as many fags as he wants and he'll never be stuck for a light while he's rotting in Hell, the cunt!

banned said...

Self-righteous twat, going for a boxing day stroll like he was ordered to.
I expect that advice led to a reduction of real strollers on the day.

Anonymous said...

wrong david taylor for the shares, right one for the smoking ban. get your facts right before you have a go at the dead. Thanks. His family much appricuates your comments you scum

Fidothedog said...

Anon, oh well wrong grasping cunt. Shit happens an all that.

PS fuck off back to Labourshitlist ya twat.

Anonymous said...

How dare you insult the dead without our permission! :-) I'll let you off this time mate...

The people of Great Britain deserve a platform where from they can spit at cunts, yes... cunts anonymous, who have consistantly stolen from the British people...

You. Mr or Mrs anon, have benefited from our loss, and not only your beloved Davey Boy will suffer in hell but you will too... Mark my words...