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Send the elected thieving scum a message.

Via GOT, yes YOU can send a suggestion for a New Year Resolution to the mono eyed, snot munching, gold selling, economy fucking, regarded as a joke on the World stage, inept cuntmonkey of an unelected PM James Gordon Brown.

Fancy that, or just call the worthless cunt a cunt for the sheer joy of it. Fancy telling him he should fuck off and his wife has a whiffy fanny, then feel free and direct the love direct to him, via this handy little widget.

But it gets better, no really as not only do you get the chance to abuse McCyclops but you can also give some advise to Tory boy SPAM Cameron, Nick Clegg(over), Alex "lard arse" Salmond, Leuan "come home to a real fire, buy a holiday home in Wales" Wyn Jones, Martin "Don't mention the gun running" McGuiness and Peter "also a terrorist" Robinson.

Fuck it, call them all inept hogging cuntmonkeys, out to play tribal politics and loot your pockets for their own end and who are long overdue to be lynched and be left swinging from the nearest lamp post.

I did :-)

1 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

You've upset me now Gotty. 'Lard arsed Salmond. Not lard but ghee Gotty. Curry is his favourite snack. :)