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Sharia Law under New Labour budget.

THE Treasury plans to rewrite Britain’s tax rules to usher in a new wave of Sharia law for the country’s financial system.

The one-line revelation is buried in the 212-page pre-Budget report.
It is among a string of startling details which barely merit a mention in Alistair Darling’s controversial mini-Budget – prompting fresh accusations that Labour is “burying bad news”.
The Government wants to tap into the fast-growing Sharia finance market, set to top £205billion a year, and turn London into the “global gateway for Islamic finance”.
Many conventional financial products are not Sharia compliant because Muslim clerics view conventional loans, which involve interest payments, as sinful.
The UK Government was one of the first Western countries to issue a state-backed sukuk, an Islamic bond. It now wants to rewrite tax laws to stop Muslim businessmen being unfairly taxed when they try to raise money on their companies.
Hat tip to The Opinionator for this one. Just don't be late with your payments, as it may cost you an eye, ear or your right hand.

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Barking Spider said...

I was going to say "never mind the bollocks", but perhaps they, too, could be under threat! chop, chop!

Fidothedog said...

Could be, those moslems love hacking bits off of infidels.