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Tosspot John Bercow

John Bercow wants a clear-out of top officials in the Commons Resources Department, which is responsible for MPs’ pay and allowances.
Mr Walker, 55, and his team were heavily criticised for rubber-stamping MPs’ expenses claims for everything from bell tower repairs to pornographic movies.
He will be offered a different Commons post. But there are bound to be claims that he is being made a scapegoat. Friends say it is wrong to blame him. One said: ‘Andrew has administered a system designed by MPs themselves.
‘He received no credit for stopping far worse claims going through. When he did try to intervene he was often treated very rudely by arrogant MPs who regarded their expenses as sacrosanct.
‘To scapegoat him for the wrongdoing of MPs would be most unfair.’
Mr Walker declined to comment.
Then we have this in the Mail, that Tory tosspot Bercow wants to desert Buckingham, rather than fight Nigel Farage at the General election, and wishes to 'Sally' forth and create a new seat where he would not be able to face a challenge from another party.

See we have a few terms for that, "Abuse of power" is one, also "total cowardice" is another. If this expenses fiddling, costing us a fucking Speaker wants to survive more than one term he should earn his place via the ballot box.

Well this little shortarse, seems to have developed a rather authoritarian socialist streak, maybe that comes from emptying his ball sacks into a socialist each night.

I knew he would be utterly shit at this just and just as corrupt as the fat Jock Cunt who held that post before him, the fact that my utter house flipping sack of shit MP Paul Flynn backed this odious dwarf only confirmed my views.

Another grafter in need of being strung up, although in this shortarsed MP's case we won't need so much rope!

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