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Sir Liam Donaldson - I know how to run your lives.

Sir Liam, who sees himself as the all knowing wise uncle who talks down to the great unwashed masses has claimed that letting your kids even get a sniff of the barmaids apron leads them into becoming binge drinkers.
Link to Liams utter bilge:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8413559.stm

Sir Liam Donaldson accused some parents of a "laissez-faire" approach and said letting children taste alcohol to ready them for adulthood was "misguided". Ye Gods you can see the size of this man's ego from where ever it is you are on the planet.

Evidence showed that this could lead to binge drinking in later life, he said. Oh evidence, so what study is that I wonder? A study by some fake charity maybe?

He refers to science and yet produces no evidence, what he means is his viewpoint and that of central government as well as the fake charity quango industry.

New official guidance says under-15s should drink no alcohol, with under-17s drinking only under supervision. Note that these would be guidelines drawn up by Sir Liam as the Chief Medical Officer and smug git.
Note that this is not law, yet another overpaid cuntmonkey talking down to you and claiming your a piss poor parent if you dare to disagree with them.

He said: "Across England, 500,000 children between the ages of 11 to 15 years will have been drunk in the past four weeks.

Yet we are not talking of the feral chav's who leave their offspring alone with an unguard drinks stash, for he said letting children taste alcohol to ready them for adulthood was "misguided". Now he has leapt on binge drinking.

A world of difference that most of us can see but it would appear Liam's ego is getting in the way of common sense.

He carries on in his bloated taxpayer funded way:
"The science is clear - drinking, particularly at a young age, a lack of parental supervision, exposing children to drink-fuelled events and failing to engage with them as they grow up are the root causes from which our country's serious alcohol problem has developed."

Again, define the science Liam, come on. No science is there, no evidence; just vast smugness from the git Liam.

He announced a major publicity campaign on the subject in England, which will get under way in January 2010.

In short, your money will be wasted to demonize a legal pleasure.

Here we go, the banning brigade now leap on board:
The advice was welcomed by alcohol campaign groups fake quango's, although Alcohol Concern said that the availability of alcohol at "pocket money prices" was a key factor in abuse and should be addressed by ministers.

That would be the fake charity, that you pay for and is funded by HM Govt(in short you via your taxes) to push for regulation and tigher controls and increased taxes. You see how this go's.

1 - You get taxed. 2. HM Govt want to regulate 3. Pass your tax onto fake charities who issue warnings. 4. HM Govt agrees with the charities that there is a problem and increases regulation and duties.
Sir Liam said that he wanted to address the "ready availability" of cheap alcohol and called on supermarkets and corner shops to "take a stand".
He said that he would be able to "shout louder" about his suggestion for a 50p minimum price for alcohol - rejected by Prime Minister Gordon Brown - after he steps down next year.
Now here is an idea, why does he not stand as MP on a ban and control booze ticket when he leaves office? I am sure he will lose his deposit and be laughed at as he polls just 10 votes from his mates and immediate family.

Jeremy Todd, chief executive of the taxpayer funded quango parenting charity Parentline Plus, praised the guidelines. He said: "Parents can have a huge influence on their child's drinking choices.

A quick look at their accounts on the Charities Commission website shows that from nearly £7 million they got a whopping £4.24m (2007 £3.90m) was from Central Government sources, as well as £0.80m (2007 £0.64m) which was from Local Authority sources.

But wait it gets better, oh did I say better; I meant fucking worse.

Professor Ian Gilmore(left), ah yes I was waiting for this chap to crawl out from under its rock, president of the Royal College of Physicians and chair of the quango charity Alcohol Health Alliance, said: "We know that adults who drink sensibly tend to pass these habits on and that some families choose to introduce alcohol to their children younger than 15 in a supportive environment."

He stressed that not drinking alcohol at all remained the "healthiest option" for children.

Oh he can go take a flying taxpayer funded fuck along with the rest of the purse lipped puritans.

Watch out for many more warnings from the assorted puritan's over the next few weeks, as we eat, drink and make merry they will claim we are risking everything from cancer to losing our sex drive through having a bit of fun. Naturally as these folk, never get laid or have fun their view is that our lives should be as miserable as theirs.

Update, this has also been covered at Brew Wales
A media studies graduate sitting on the newsdesk gets email from either a Government Department or a fake charity with an alcohol-related scare story. The journalist then repeats this as fact without checking any of the figures quoted in the press release. Needs a quote so calls fake charity Alcohol Concern or other Government spokesperson to provide one. Story goes to sub-editor who chooses a picture from in stock, normally showing beer drinking/pint glass of beer etc. Press release is printed verbatim and reported as 'fact' by the news agency/broadcaster concerned.

Again this has happened today where the Government Chief Health Officer Liam "Do people hate me 'cos I'm ginger" Donaldson spouted his shite that was picked up and reported in full by the Government funded BBC and used a quote from Government-funded fake charity Alcohol Concern and one from Professor Ian Gilmore who Chairs the Government-funded fake charity the Alcohol Health Alliance. Can readers see a trend here?

The scare story today is headlined “Parents giving children alcohol 'fuels binge drinking'”
What the story fails to address is why is it in mainland Europe, where children are on the whole a lot better well-behaved in pubs and restaurants and where alcohol is available to these children at an earlier age, is there no under-age binge-drinking problem there?

The shite from Donaldson also goes on to say the “The idea of a watered-down wine for a child as a middle-class obsession.......across England 500,000 children between the ages of 11- to 15 years will have been drunk in the last four week”.
No attempt by the BBC is made to justify these figures, not even asking Donaldson where his evidence comes from. We have the Nanny State becoming the Bully State and the BBC is merely the mouthpiece of State, not questioning the validity of arguments or figures thrown at them by the Government.
Also a 'middle-class' problem? Surely the binge-drinking chavoffspring are the problem, hanging out around the City Centre and bus stops at night swigging super strength cider or cans of Special Brew?
Expect an advertising campaign in the New Year, paid for by the taxpayer of course and run to death on the BBC.
One piece of good news is that Sir Liam Donaldson is set to retire next year.

Rent-a-quote fake charities for hacks to lazy to investigate a story:
Alcohol Concern
Alcohol Health Alliance - an umbrella organisation for Fake Charities such as Alcohol Concern, Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation (founded in 1853 as the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in all Intoxicating Liquors) etc
Alcohol Focus Scotland
Parentline Plus

H/Ts to Dungeekin and Constantly FuriousWoolpack Dave and so does the ever excellent Daily Mash

**Update part 8 billion to make Liam look a cunt...David "hug a husky an be spat on by a chav cunt" Cameron said this last year:

The Tory leader said his friends with the biggest alcohol problems were those who were ‘never allowed to drink anything at home’.

Those who had been allowed small amounts to drink at mealtimes were now the most responsible drinkers, he said.

An might have added Liam was a ginger cunt...

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