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Saudi oil and New Labour's 'ethical foreign policy'

Hat tip to Cynical Dragon for posting this one from that bastion of liberal values, democracy and respecter of human rights the lovely kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A lot is made of New Labour's 'ethical foreign policy' and the role of the 'left' in human rights issues. I suspect that the UK government and the bleeding hearts of solidarity campaigns everywhere are, whilst happily condemning others for violations, remaining schtum on the practises of an oil rich nation.
Amnesty International called on Saudi Arabia on Monday to stay a sentence of 40 lashes against a 75-year-old woman for breaching a sex segregation law. The group said the minister of the interior, Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, was reported to have ordered the flogging of the woman, Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, along with two men who were in her company and not close relatives.
I wonder when there'll be a call for a boycott of Saudi goods for human rights abuses?
My bit now: So we have calls and then an apology over plans to arrest a member of Israeli government when they visited the UK. Although I might just suggest that Labour re the arrest plan are classic socialist Jew haters, little different from the 1930's blackshirts. Yet nothing said by the righteous MP's on our oil supplying, air plane buying, large contract signing friends an allies in the fun filled kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Might I just suspect, the smallest of double standards from New Labour, no maybe not after all its not Libya. 

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