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So what's the point of ID cards then Meg?...

A great example of a minister:
Identity minister Meg Hillier arrived at a photocall to promote identity cards, but then realised she left her own at home.
So the ID card that has cost squillions and will save us from terrorists, even though the last lot who killed themselves in a terror attack were UK citizens an so would have had and qualified for ID cards(do think about that one); that is oh so handy to carry despite no readers for them being in any of the advertised places. Not hardly a one in any job centre, benefit centre, hospital, government agency or even police station.

Yet if despite all that, if the Identity Minister cannot remember to take her ID card to a photo shoot designed to promote ID cards, then quite what is the bloody point?

Listen, listen very carefully and you will hear the sound of your tax money being pissed away up against the wall....

2 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

The sound of our taxes raining against the wall puts me more in mind of a monsoon. I never thought I'd see anything quite like it and god knows what the historians will be writing about all of this 200 years down the line.

Keep holding 'em to account Fido!

Fidothedog said...

Yeah monsoon might be a better term.