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Vera Baird - A typical New Labour shit.

An even this dog's dog gets away with making a mess.
At the House of Commons, she is known as ‘the Towering Inferno’ because of her 6ft height, red hair and fiery character.
And Solicitor-General Vera Baird lived up to the nickname when a woman complained about her puppy allegedly fouling a railway platform.
A furious row developed which left the other woman close to tears and prompted a police investigation into the minister’s behaviour.
British Transport Police even seized CCTV footage of the row. Six weeks later, the investigation has finally been closed and Mrs Baird will not now face prosecution, but the affair is a big embarrassment for the senior MP.
The drama started when Mrs Baird, 58, was walking her puppy in King’s Cross train station in Central London in October.
A mother with her young child confronted the minister after allegedly seeing her fail to pick up the dog’s mess after it fouled the platform.
It is an offence if an owner does not clean up immediately after their dog has fouled land to which the public has access.
The fine is usually a £50 fixed penalty notice. According to sources, Mrs Baird took great offence at being challenged by the woman and gave her a ‘complete mouthful’.
When a police community support officer turned up to deal with the altercation, a by-now furious Mrs Baird made it clear she felt she was being humiliated and allegedly said ‘don’t you know who I am?’. The minster denied this today.

Remember she is one of the elite, no fines for them, no jail for stealing our money; just don't you know who I am and like her mangy mutt this fucking New Labour running dog shits all over us. 

The dog Vera also loves your money. She is still stealing your cash, after all that's what us little people are for. We clean up the shit her dog leaves, we are there to be abused for mentioning she has not cleaned up her dog shit; we are there to fund their champagne socialist lives but other that we get treated like fucking shit by the lot of them.

Vera is scum, no paying her insurance with Lloyds Tsb(£23.75), we paid that for her.

No utility bills, we paid them for her and no council tax as yes we paid that for this utter vile cunt monkey.

Roll the day this lot get hung, just remember to bring an extra rope for this bitches dog as well.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Shite of the first order, lets hope her constituency sends her the right message at the election.

Fidothedog said...

Like her P45.