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Your paying for your own enslavement...

First up the good people in Hounslow, are seeing their council tax wasted by the Council who are installing talking CCTV - which also boasts automatic facial recognition capacity- at a cost of £1.8 million (or the annual salaries of 79 new Police Constables).

Next up the few remaining fishermen, courtesy of new EU rules, British fishermen are being bullied into having CCTV on their boats.  They will be permitted to take fewer catches if they don't.  It's to save the fish stocks, they say.  The cameras are to monitor stocks, and also to spot fishermen illegally dumping fish.

Yet the 646 biggest thieves in the House of Commons are unlikely to face criminal charges over their theft of our money and no CCTV camera's will be watching that dubious shower of shit.

Both these fine stories on the rise of the snooper state are from http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/, cue the obvious reply from the state of if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear...

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