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Christmas Holidays.

So how long have you lot got off for Christmas, a few days, maybe if your lucky a week or two if you have bundled in some holiday days you have saved up. Maybe your one of the millions desperately looking for a job, having lost your thanks to McSnotty's howling at the moon policies.

Well you will all be happy to know, that the grafting, jobs for their inbred relatives as advisors, free bell tower improvements, house flippin', shagging rent boys on expenses and whores in the House of Commons' MP's have a whole 3 fucking weeks off and your paying for it.

So whilst your desperately wondering how to pay the bills, the Rt Hon. scum will be flying off first class to a tropical island, getting their syphilis laden genitals sucked by lady boys and wondering how much of their indulgence they can stick on expenses for YOU to pay for.

Now I wonder if as some bizarre coincidence a conference on some tropical island will be taking place over Christmas, on say traffic light management. Naturally the MP's will be taking the inbred window licking wife and spastic son/daughter along as they both work for them as assistants....

Oh an a merry fucking Christmas to the cunts as well.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

With both holidays occuring on the weekend few in private business will be able to take the full two weeks that many have become accustomed to.
The other day I wasted some time going to the town hall to pay for permission to park outside my own house. I know the security guard which meant that all the scroungers avoided me, he told me that the whole place is shutting down for two full weeks and none of their much vaunted services will be available in that period (dunno if that applies to parking enforcement officers though).

Fidothedog said...

I think the parking enforcers and PCSO's get a week off, so they can spend their time licking windows and taking meds.