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Austin "kettle" Mitchell MP - An open letter.

MP's don't ya just love them. Any "deranged lunatic" can become one, like Austin Mitchell the grasping kettle claiming MP for Great Grimsby.

I wrote this old duffer a letter and think I rattled the chaps cage somewhat.

See a little while back Austin appeared in The Guardian, where he wrote a very pompous article on how MP's are being picked on over expenses, needless to say even in The Guardian the many comments ripped Mr Austin a new orifice. Do have a read to see how an MP ignores the anger of the masses.

I e-mailed him and bless his taxpayer funded socks, the old expenses claimer has had his nose put out of joint and will be no doubt claiming for that on expenses as well.

It would appear the deranged lunatic for Great Grimsby, can claim in a semi literate mail to me, that when I question his right to kettles at our expense that I am somehow being libelous(spelt with 2 l's by him).

Maybe he has a problem with the right of free expression, something that is fine for MP's to have but not us mere proles?

So I would like to know what he considers libelous exactly, my posting of his expenses from the MP expenses site, the questioning of his right to spend our cash, he fails to explain what is in fact libel. Or is it as I think just the rather pathetic posturing of a champagne socialist who is soon to be booted out of office by the fine citizens of Great Grimsby?

Oh do pop the writ in the post Mr Mitchell, looking forward to that should be a rather good story in the run to an election don't you think? Maybe you could ask your Rt. Hon. colleague the MP for Newport Paul Flynn on how to fight a libel case.

As for abuse, well don't take that personal Mr Mitchell as I regard most of the MP's in The House to be both dishonest, vile and worthy fit only for the gallows. Hardly libelous, just an opinion; something we are still allowed despite the best efforts of New Labour. A bunch of suited new age spivs, wideboys and out and out crooks who arrange the rules so as to rob us blind - That's the MP's not just the New Labour lot.

Maybe Mr Mitchell should put the kettle(the expensive £75.99 model his wife purchased) on an think before sending out e-mails.

Here is Mitchell's e-mail to me.
Dear Mr Goddard

I think you should know that some deranged lunatic is using your internet connection to send semi-literate and libellous emails to Members of Parliament.  I was going to send you a copy of the one I have received for you to take appropriate action but on second thoughts I thought it might be upsetting if your wife or children saw it so I`ll send it instead to your internet provider to show how their service is being misused.  That might help you deal with this appalling abuse of their service.  Happy New Year and best of luck in tracking the culprit down.

Yours sincerely

3 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

Just how the fuck can anyone justify 75 quid for a kettle? Was it hand-crafted by virgins on a remote Cornish Isle or ethically sourced from the organic kettle farmers of East Africa, in between their pirating activities. Whichever it is just taking the piss out of the taxpayer.

marksany said...

That Mitchell is a class act. I think you found a raw nerve there. Semi-literate in the same sentance as "libellous" !!!

Barking Spider said...

He should have a word with Jeffrey Archer about fighting libel cases - just look where it got HIM!