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Kerry MP for Mogadishu East.

Bristol Dave picks up on Kerry throwing her toys out the pram.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has described the Tory bloggers behind an internet campaign to oust her from her Bristol East seat as "bully boys".

Ms McCarthy, who is her party's new media campaigns spokeswoman, said the attacks were personal rather than political.

She said she had tried to avoid responding via blogs or Twitter but told the Evening Post: "These people are deeply unpleasant and misogynistic.
Oh dear, so they want to remove a sitting MP and so its raise the sex card. Problem there is that they want to replace the sitting MP with another woman, so would Kerry be able to explain quite how that is misogynistic?

I would ask but the media spokeswoman and Twitter Tzar Kerry, blocks anyone who questions her from the wisdom of her tweets. Something which strikes me as deeply unpleasant from a woman who is trying to get people on board with the parties message.

Maybe Kerry should understand that if she blocks people and refuses debate, that she will be mocked, derided and in fact she herself up for the semi-literate oaf that she is. That is not bullying, indeed nothing more than the Labour party has done in playing the tired old class card year after year.

I would say that I agree with Old Holborn who is right about her when he said:
I hear Kerry McCarthy MP, the fat useless power grabbing oaf of Mogadishu East has been made some sort of leader for New Labour’s assault on the internet. Good. She is fundamentally stupid, untalented and will suck the cock of anyone who can offer her a lift up the greasy pole.

2 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

Not familiar with your local MP's, but I do like your tone and your language says it all---clear and to the point with those wonderful english expletives and phrases! Thanks for the lesson.

Dazed And Confused said...

"These people are deeply unpleasant and misogynistic". - Coming from a serving New Labour M.P. in THIS fucking government?

I wasn't gonna bother getting involved in the "Kerry Out" campaign myself at all .....But how things have just changed with yet another moronic self righteous attack, from this utterly ridiculous imbecile.