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Chris Bryant the Minister for Underpants says election on May 6th.

The New Labour minister for appearing in his underpants has stated that the election is on May 6th.
The date of the general election will be May 6, according to Labour's Europe minister Chris Bryant.
Mr Bryant appeared to confirm that the election is to be held on May 6 - the same day as the local government elections - during a speech to diplomats in London yesterday.

When discussing recent tensions between Britain and countries including Venezuela, he said: 'I hope that by the time of the general election on May 6, relations will have improved.'

The comment was made at diplomatic think-tank Canning House, in London, in front of gathered academics and envoys.

Time to vote the thieving fuckers out folks.

3 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

Is this guy gay, or do all your leaders run around like this????

Fidothedog said...

He is, that photo turned up in the papers.

A lot of them do run around like that, we just have not found out yet.

banned said...

Ron, that was the pic he posted of himself on a gay contact website.