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Tories & booze

The Tory health spokesman, Andy Landy, has decided he wants to change the 'units' on booze to 'centilitres (10 ml) of pure alcohol' because he thinks we are 'all confused by units'.
The plan drew protests from alcohol experts last night, who pointed out that using 'centilitres of pure alcohol' would confuse most drinkers.
Look the units were a piss poor system that was plucked out the air, put together with some back of a fag packet maths and rubber stamped by government. It has no scientific basis what so ever and 99.9% of people ignore them anyway.

The small amount who do are the gullible who believe any old crap pumped out by politicians and folk who add them up in drinking games to get the highest possible point score on a night out.

The Tories want to change the system, how about scrapping it. Save the money, let people make the choices and remove the government regulation from another area of peoples lives.

1 people have spoken:

banned said...

I am not confused at all thank you. I know exactly how much I am drinking which tonight was not enough.