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Credit where credit is due.

Was passed a copy of the JD Wetherspoon mag, a sort of in house Pravda mag for the beer supply chain for chavs and poor folk.

Tim Martin the bad haircut wielding head of said chain was running a bit on New Labour's on going campaign against the demon booze.

It would appear that the system of 3 strikes an your out, currently in use against pubs that serve under age folk is being amended to 2 strikes and your out. Add to this the 50 odd pubs per week closing thanks to New Labour's taxes and regulations.

Anyway Mr Martin said that "this government(Labour) was to common sense what Tiger Woods was to monogamy"

So so true.

Still hate his chain with a passion but credit where it's due.

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banned said...

His frontpiece editorials are usually pretty good. I still remember when his first pub opened in north London, The White Lion Of Mortimor was like a breath of fresh air given the Formica Arms that I had been familiar with.