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Peter Vaughan the new Chief Cuntstable of South Wales.

Sometimes you see a post that is just so perfect that it can not be improved an this one on Peter Vaughan the new Chief Cuntstable of South Wales is spot on: Well done to The Ranting King Penguin
The fuckwit who has been appointed chief plod in the shit-hole on earth that is South Wales has declared that he is now too important and too fucking precious to do his own fucking shopping. 
I wonder what else he now has to have done for him? Is he still able to wipe his own arse? Does a hand-picked team of constables have to take turns shagging his fucking wife? Does he have someone to howl at the moon for him, or does he still feel able to do that for himself?

The complete wanker!

The Penguin

3 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

We have a lot of those so very important shit-asses over here too. Many haven't been to the market for years and have tax-payer flunkies to do those demeaning task.

banned said...

Is it OK to diss him as Chief Cunstable?

MK said...

Just start a rumor that he's frightened of muslims and once the muslims scream outrage, racism and what not, he'll be out shopping for his own crap soon enough. Might even get demoted, to please the pc-slimes islamist pimps.