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The real cost of Labour. Change we see.

Hat tip to Rantin Rab who has described perfectly what I was going to say, so in order to save time and also as I am in a lazy mood today; over to rab:

I've joined a facebook group I was invited to by Ollie Cromwell of RedRag fame. If you have a facebook account, I urge you to join. If you don't have a facebook account it only takes minutes to set up and join the group.

Members of the group can post pictures and write on the 'wall' their experience of the Labour disaster of the last thirteen years. The following is an example of what has been written on the group site.

12 foot high fences around our school's, stopping the inmates escaping (oops sorry children getting out if they are injured and bullied). The burglar getting away with it whilst the householder who defended his family get's arrested. A Police state where it is illeagal to photograph or film any member of the police and... cannot therefore be used as evidence against them in court. 33 new laws every month, because if you oppose anyone in power they can find some new law that you have broken and get the police or Social Workers on to you. A 'care' system that has normal parents terrified of unknown knocks on the door. State enforced kidnapping of children and babies.

Read Ollie's article over on his site here.

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