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Paul Flynn MP on the dangers of handshakes.

Crossposted from Grumpy's place on how Paul Flynn, the rather aged MP for Newport thinks that folk who deliver a handshake should be charged with assault. Flynn who has the constitution of a 90 year old dowager, gets a well deserved mocking:

Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, says people who administer bone-crushing hand-shakes to prove the strength of their personalities should be charged with assault.

What the fuck!

Speaking spewing out the usual inane bollocks on his blog post today, he also stated that shaking hands was getting less popular. A bit like you then Paul, you worthless piece of shit. Now if you think that's a bit harsh then I suggest you pop over to Fido's place, who lives in the withering wankstain's constituency, amongst other things he ain't too fucking chuffed about all the expenses that fuckwit Flynn has been pissing up the wall.

"Good riddance," Flynn the fucktard continues, "They are unnecessary, unhygienic, germ-spreading intrusions. Again, a bit like you and any other corrupt, cash troughing MP then Mr Flynn.

Finally the weak wristed wanker announces "Who will be the first person to be charged with assault by handshake?" Who gives a fuck! I'm more interested in which MP is going to be the first person to be charged with assaulting tax payers money.

Btw, Flynn, if I ever have the pleasure to meet you, it's not your hands you will need to worry about when we 'shake' . . .  it'll be your scrawny little champagne swilling neck.

Limp wristed wanker.


I thought it might be appropriate to leave a comment on Mr Flynn's blog post, and here is a screen grab of it . . .
Ten minutes later it had gone.
So it looks like 'Huw The Deletinator' has been up to his old tricks. Oh and he's changed the title of the original blog post and made subtle alterations to the comment.

You couldn't fucking make it up ;-)

++UPDATE 2++

So I posted another comment . . .

. . . and of course that was deleted too. Then, rather predictably, this comment from Paul Flynn MP appears . . .

Run for cover, the slack jawed peasants are revolting!

Oh, and notice the timestamp for Flynn's comment. Hmmm, strange then that it wasn't there when I left my comment at 10.14pm.

No, surely not. He wouldn't, would he?

Dontcha just fuckin' luv 'em ;-)

**Shall add me 2p worth at the bottom of Grumpy's post. He has cost us all a few quid on libel case expenses an despite losing his case still thinks he did nothing wrong. Let me explain: First off he gets involved in a piss poor libel case and after losing and having to pay damages as well as putting up an apology on his website that vanishes at the first chance he gets to take it down. Now get this as its a gem, he charges us for fighting the case he lost through the courts. Thats right he fights and loses, then charges us for the privilege. How much, oh just a mere £10,000 quid plus change.

The old class warrior blames the baby eating Tories for everything and produces book after book on his inane views.

Lumps in everyone who disagreed with global warming as a nazi. Thinks that the state having your DNA is a good thing.

But getting back to censorship, Flynn is of the view that the plebs need only see what he thinks they should see and deletes comments he dislikes as I found here when he censored comments on his expenses.

Best of all was when the aged duffer called for Tsunami defenses for Wales.

Another firm handshake go's to A Very British Dude who also mocks the aged one. One more strong handshake go's to Dick Puddlecote who mocks my limp wristed MP in fine style.
Oh and Underdog has a few things to say on this as well. Also Man Widdicombe adds a bit more.

In the words of our friends in the former penal colony of Australia, "What a limp wristed pom"

5 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

Shouldn't this cunt be in a rest home by now, dribbling into his bib with the rest of the senile old fuckers of his highly advanced age group?

Flynn shows once again, that not only does he wish to sit self righteously at the apex of any morel high ground, he also seeks ways to create ever more demented Socialist policy edicts, that are now part and parcel of this moronic juntas, barmy mind fucks.

Shake his hand? - Fucking ring his neck more like. Now that would be something worth being arrested for.

Fidothedog said...

I love the way he has altered his post so it now looks like the daft old sod was joking.

Anonymous said...


Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link. Forgot that the tart was your MP, you poor sod. :-)

Fidothedog said...

Dick, we all have our cross to carry an one day I would like to see Flynn nailed up on his.