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Vote stupid, just don't vote for one eye.

From GOT, You need someone with proper depth perception to run the country rather than just the one McCyclops has, not a half seeing, nose picking, pill popping, overweight, paranoid, Nokia throwing, manic depressive window licking hoon that is PM James Gordon Brown.
Oh an did I mention that he is a useless CUNT as well? 

4 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

Love that saying,"stupid is trial and error, mostly error". Thats a new one for this old rebel! I would say yank---but thats a nasty world where I live!

Barking Spider said...

You forgot "pant-pissing", mate! ;-)

Mongoloid said...

Hello Mr Newport City.
Stop moning and Whinging, there are Nazis out there who no doubt you want to call "cunts" and that.
I'll return when you've called a few cunts cunts, cunt :)

MK said...

I hate to say it Fido, but it wouldn't surprise me if many still vote for the disgusting pustule that is Labour.