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I'm glad I never said this:

and you know that this spineless government would never bring it in in a million years but Iqbal Wahhab a "leading Muslim businessman" and Government advisor...

"...urged the Government to introduce the controversial policy of 'passenger profiling' - singling out particular groups for security checks at airports or other transport hubs - in order to combat the threat posed from Islamist extremists.

"The stakes are too high to worry about my individual rights," he said. "What about the right not to be bombed?"

Still wonder if any of the New Labour finger pointers who howl race at the drop of a kaftan will be pointing at him? Still good idea on the part of Mr Iqbal.

2 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

What he says about unemployment in ethnic areas completely shoots to pieces the Dear leaders line of "All immigration is good immigration".
This is an attack from New Labours own side, and shows these people are here not to create a better life for themselves, but to leech of the British tax payer whilst they set up their European caphiliate. with New Labours blessing.
80% of some Islamic areas are being financed by the state, by me, by you? And now New Labours very own Islamic fraternity are fucking moaning that we should give them better opportunities or they may just blow the fuck out of us all.

My head hurts just thinking about it.

MK said...

Leftist scum start to profile, the BNP will have to be in control before those cockroaches will hint at doing something that'll actually work.