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Assisted Suicide.

Having always believed that one's life is in there hands, I therefore take the same view with death as well. I agree with the view of famous author Terry Pratchett who believes that "the time is really coming" for legalising assisted death.

Two polls published today back his views. Of more than 1,000 people interviewed for a BBC Panorama programme, 73% believed friends or relatives should be able to assist the suicide of a terminally ill loved one. A YouGov poll of 2,053 people for the Telegraph produced even stronger support, with 80% saying that relatives should not be prosecuted, and 75% backing a change in the law.

Pratchett, author of the bestselling Discworld fantasy novels, was diagnosed two years ago with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer's disease – a discovery he memorably described, when he broke the news on the Discworld News website, as "an embuggerance".

In his lecture, Shaking Hands With Death, the author will volunteer to be a test case before a euthanasia tribunal himself.

The tribunal panels would include a legal expert in family matters and a doctor with experience of serious long-term illness.

"If granny walks up to the tribunal and bangs her walking stick on the table and says 'Look, I've really had enough, I hate this bloody disease, and I'd like to die thank you very much young man', I don't see why anyone should stand in her way." - Very true.

Sadly there are those who believe that no matter how bad ones quality of life is, they should not have that most basic of rights; a right we grant to animals in suffering that of ending their life.

Take this particular God bothering bell end, a certain Francis Davies who over at The Grauniad in wrote this article. What is worse is he makes the confused argument of including people suffering from depression/disability with that of those dying from terminal illness.

I do wonder if he has been there whilst elderly relations die an inch at time over many months and to quote DK I also would like to be in charge of the morphine button when he is dying inch by excruciatingly painful inch.
This bastard's argument is, essentially, that society benefits from your pain because you might write an inspiring novel all about your brave recovery. The man is, without doubt, a weapons-grade bell-end.
Let me make this absolutely fucking clear: the single most important liberty that you have is over your own life—and if you want to end your life then you should be able to do so.
Anyone who says different is a screamingly illiberal fucknuts and, probably, a fucking god-botherer who needs the law in order to curb the secret desire that they have to murder the mother that they still live with.
You might also call them "a cunt". As you like, really.
Well said DK, Indeed I do a total and utter cunt.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with these cunts is that they don't listen and never will. They have an inside track to God you see?

The religiously righteous.

---------and talking about Tony Blair