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Britain is no longer free.(smoking)

This dying government sees its role as that of meddler and nanny, passing yet more unneeded and unwanted rules on how we run our lives

First up they plan to change how cigarettes are sold with them sold in plain, grey, logo-free packets. Then the sale of tobacco from vending machines is to be banned. Nothing more satisfying to a socialist than a good ban.

But wait what's this, yep another ban. This time they want smoking to be banned at entrances to buildings.

So having killed the pub trade with the smoking ban, forcing customers out into the cold and rain, they now plan to force them away from the entrance of the pub and other buildings all together.

The plans were dismissed as ‘ meddlesome’ and ‘unworkable’ by critics.

But Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: ‘I make no apology when it comes to protecting children and giving them the best start in life.

Children’s health forms a key part of the crackdown, which proposes running ‘smoke-free community’ campaigns highlighting the benefits of smoke-free homes and cars.

Social workers and other health professionals will be ‘encouraged’ to talk to parents about the impact their habit has on their children.

How about encouraging them to fuck the fuck off an stop meddling.

Best of all was this gem, "a crackdown on the illegal import of cheap cigarettes." Yeah, good luck with that one. As we are unable to control the hard drugs coming into this land, or illegal migrants for that matter; I can't see them having any great success with this latest wheeze.

But it gets better, an by better I mean fucking worse:
In a major speech Mr Burnham will also pave the way for new "interventionist" policies aimed at stopping people smoking in their own homes or cars if they live with children."

WTF? So you own your own property, Englishman's home is his castle and all that. Er, well no as, well you smoke and we can't allow you to smoke in your own property as it's all for the chillllllldren.

Same go's for the car, you bought an paid for it. Yet now they plan to take away your ability to engage in a lawful activity, as well some we little one may catch a whiff of your Benson & Hedges.

First it was the pubs, they got away with that, now they are planning to outlaw it everywhere. Next it will be extended to all car drivers. All they need argue is that if you puff away, you are endangering the car.

Should they do that, forget having a quiet puff at home...

Lastly, should some health nazi complains, I am not a smoker myself having given up for years. I happen not to care if someone else wants to puff away an think they should at least have the right to do so. I also happen to think the ban in pubs has led to many closing.

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