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champagne socialists of New Labour: Bill Etherington & Geraldine Smith getting pissed on your money.

The Mail has the full story on how two Labour MPs took part in a champagne drinking contest on an official Commons junket to Paris, which led to one of them being violently ill.

According to the Mail who are serializing my dire MP's new book, MP Bill Etherington drank so much that a doctor was called and it was feared the MP might die after he defeated fellow Labour MP Geraldine Smith in the expenses-fuelled boozing competition.

Anti-monarchist and former miners’ union leader Mr Etherington outraged senior politicians from across the Continent when he projectile vomited at a dinner.

The conduct of Labour’s self-styled ‘champion drinker’ was reported to Downing Street, but Labour Party leaders ordered a cover-up to prevent a major scandal.

Astonishingly, no action was taken against him. He was told to ‘carry on junketing’ – and returned to Britain yesterday from a trip to Romania similar to the one in Paris where, according to other Labour MPs, he disgraced himself and his country.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed shocking details of how MPs spend more than £800,000 a year on European junkets, which some of them freely admit are an orgy of drinking.

Former MP Mr Cunliffe said that on another occasion Mr Etherington had a drinking contest involving the Greek spirit ouzo with fellow Labour MP and CoE member, Eddie O’Hara. ‘Eddie was favourite. He thought he was top of the pops at ouzo,’ said Mr Cunliffe, ‘But Bill drank him under the table.’

But getting back to Bill he seems to have some rather strange attitudes. Like the case of Garry McKinnon who is wanted in the US on charges relating to hacking. There was an EDM put forward here and yet when this came to a vote he refused to vote. Maybe he was a bit tired and emotional and could stagger in to vote.

But Bill did find time to wobble into The Common's to vote for keeping the cushy 2nd home allowance. Strange that.

For a man who claims to support the oppressed and downtrodden he was one of the many Labour MP's who was mysteriously absent for the vote on letting the Gurkha's settle here in the UK. Who know's maybe it was happy hour in the Common's bar?

Then we have his fawning over the mass murderer Che and support for the murderous dictatorship in Cuba. Maybe he should take his beer glasses off and see the oppression in his beloved socialist gulag.

Bill has also claimed a few perks with your tax money like claiming £150.99 for three stepladders and £74.44 for a razor. He was ordered to pay back £434 in over-payments on mortgage interest.

Not that I think he should be climbing ladders what with his intake of booze and using a razor with the shakes the morning after is a recipe for disaster.

Mr Flynn says that "I can’t remember many serious contributions by Bill Etherington.", other than drinking vast amounts of booze paid for by the taxpayers that is...
Pic from Tractorstats (entitled dredged up stinking from the newport dock)
Yesterday on his blog the old comrade Flynn stated that he had seen a draft, and he was happy with what the Mail had selected going to press, as a pretty balanced selection of your books events.

Now those very words have disappeared from this blog, and we're left with a new heading "distortions and untruths".

As one commentator on Flynn's blog states John Smiths death 'end of the party I had loved all my life' - how do you misinterpret that?

No doubt a comment that will disappear in time as the good comrade engages in some Pravda style censorship.

Wales online have some bits on the doddery old MP.
PAUL Flynn, left-wing Labour MP for Newport West, and the Mail on Sunday: a tale of love and hate.

December 2008: Paul Flynn accuses the Mail on Sunday of “whistling up a new hurricane of venom” in a story regarding Metropolitan Police chief Bob Quick. “The motives of the Mail on Sunday are reliably malign,” he adds.

July 2009: The Mail on Sunday publishes a story about the boss of MI5 posting pictures of himself on Facebook in his Speedos.

“What a sorry piece of empty piffle,” snorts Mr Flynn. “The main media today have lapped up a Mail on Sunday non-story and spewed out the dregs.”

January 2010: Mr Flynn backs out of supporting an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons condemning writer Rod Liddle, accused by the Mail on Sunday of making racist comments on a football website.

When it all becomes clear that all was not what it seemed, Mr Flynn changes his mind, saying: “Following the Mail on Sunday agenda is a mortifying experience.”

February 2010: Mr Flynn sells serialisation rights to his autobiography to the Mail on Sunday.

Having sold his tale he now complains his words are out of context....

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