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Gillian Merron defying logic in claiming the smoking ban has not closed pubs.

Story from The Publican, jaw dropping stupidity yet again from another MP:

The smoking ban has not caused pubs to close, according to public health minister Gillian Merron MP.
Despite figures showing around 40 pubs a week are currently closing Merron said the ban was not a factor in this.
She was speaking today at a meeting of the health committee in Westminster as it looked at ways the government is tackling health issues.
Merron said: “The pub trade does have challenges and I am aware of that but it isn’t the case that the ban had led to pub closures.”
She went on to describe the smoking ban of 2007 as a “tremendous success” and said it had the support of 80 per cent of the public and that there has been a 95 per cent compliance rate with smoke free legislation.
Well she can claim that till the cows come home, in her case a taxpayer funded 2nd home but that doesn't make it so. Those publicans left, those not forced to close their doors will tell you that smokers have chosen to stay at home more and drink, rather than be cast out like modern day lepers.

But wait if as figures show some 40+ pubs are closing a week, why might that be if not down to lack of smoking customers? Well maybe over regulation dumped on the pub trade by New Labour, endless paperwork dumped on them by New Labour, rising duties dumped on them by New Labour, extra business costs dumped on them by New Labour....

Still this is not the first time I have mentioned this odious little fucktard. There was this gem from her department telling us that junk food was not good for us.

First off for this utter shit from her department the nannying, hectoring Department of Health.
Homer Simpson is known for munching doughnuts and swigging beer, but the Department of Health has decided that his family’s lifestyle is healthy enough to enlist them in an anti-obesity campaign.
The government is to sponsor episodes of the cartoon serial about the dysfunctional family for three months in an attempt to improve the nation’s diet and increase exercise levels.
Oh for fucks sake, just fuck the fuck off will you, oh and how much of our money are you pissing away this time?
The health department acknowledges that the Simpsons’ lifestyle is not entirely healthy and this is reflected in the slogan for the £640,000 advertising campaign: “Supporting The Simpsons: Sometimes.
A spokeswoman added: “The beer-drinking and doughnut-eating is clearly not what we would want.”
Bejesus, £640,000 quid of our money to piss an moan at us to not eat junk food. After all its not what the Department wants, cunts, utter fucking contemptible bastards.

Now not only did this woman attempt to shaft the Gurkha's by voting against letting them stay here in the UK. Nice one Gillian, by nice I mean you should be shunned by all right thinking people and forced to wear a sign saying "I am an utter vile piece of shit disgracing the office of MP."

But worry not, Gill, you won't be alone in wearing that.

Then we have her expenses, the local paper is not very happy with her. Mind a look at her expenses, shows that she has been shafting the public on a regular basis.

Claims for furniture in March 08, plus £271 in household items:

Including one fine cotton sheet £34, £140 for a duvet and £30 for a pillow. All vital for an MP in order to do their job I am sure.
A bit of digging through her addition cost allowances finds some right gems, listed at the bottom.

Naturally as an MP let loose with our money, she fucks us all over claiming back the council tax and utilities that we all have to pay, an yes that includes the TV license.

She even charges us for cleaning, now come on, is she telling us she is to damn lazy to shove a hoover about the office?

Plus she also dips into the free MP food allowance, by free I mean that you pay for her to shovel food down her socialist gullet.

Oh and £200 quid of your money spent by her on a rug. Then we have £500 on white goods, £240 on a chair, £200 on lighting, £160 on a rug - yes another one, £200 on kitchen items, £141 quid on plumbing another £194 on plumbing, £150 on lighting again as well another figure of £450 on wait for it, lighting: Link.

Oh and she also voted to fuck you, yes you by voting to keep the £24 grand a year 2nd home allowance for MP's,

As if that were not bad enough she also voted to protect MP's from freedom of information requests.

Oh and to lock folk away for upto 42 days with no proper legal representation in case they happen to be a member of Alky Ada.

5 people have spoken:

Uncle Marvo said...

This particular troughsnouter is apparently Minister of State In The Department Of Health, and as such is a minor inconvenience who is pretty likely to be out after the election - not only the government, but parliament as well.

In her favour, she voted "moderately" for the smoking ban, which probably means she didn't turn up.

My MP, a Mr Peter Bone, voted strongly for it which, when you consider that where I live has more smokers per capita than the average prison, shows what a load of unrepresentative bollocks it is. As will be shown on or before the 6th of May.

Anonymous said...

Gillian Merrron
Lincoln MP

Another Blair babe hoisted on the
Labour voting dipsticks of Lincoln
without a shred of abilty or credance.
Got the job because she was a woman,no other reason.
Not worthy of further comment.

The Poacher

Dazed And Confused said...

"Chancer not chancellor" says Comrade Merron about Osborne, whilst standing next to the mono eyed gimp. Half wits like Merron are now way beyond parity, and only a rope and lamp post can set us free. Merron cares about Merron, and everything else is simply Socialist window dressing, in an attempt to appeal to her self righteous conscience.

Neuroskeptic said...

Fantastic reasoning! Pubs are closing so the smoking ban must be the cause! It couldn't be, say, the recession, no, surely not...

As for MPs expenses, that was so last month, the tabloids have moved on to Gordon The Bully now - do catch up!

banned said...

Gillian Moron wants shooting.