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Gordon uses family for cheap political stunt.

PM McCyclops Brown once said that he would never use his family for cheap political stunts. Last night he did not just break that word, as utterly destroyed it in the tackiest of cheap stunts.

A gurning, clunking, walking disaster I managed a whole ten minutes of this televisual wank fest before feeling ill and having to cleanse my mind of the image of a desperate failing PM, out to gather votes from the use of a dead child.

Car crash sickening TV of the worst type. I did not believe it were possible for my opinion of this man to sink any lower, watching this proved me wrong.

Quentin Letts has the one eye'd scumbag firmly nailed.

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Oldrightie said...

I notice on our blogs comments anti-labour and Brown are very sparse. Am I being too paranoid? Pro-labour are everywhere and politicsHome is a veritable love fest on a par with The BBC pravda work.

Barking Spider said...

Sky News didn't even mention this pukefest today, but they did have plenty of negative shit to say about the latest batch of Conservative posters and the fact that they can't actually put a decimal point in the correct place, dropping Chris Grayling right in it again - talk about shooting yourself in both feet!

Roll on our own version of Fox News.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for posting this. I couldn't watch ITV in the states, but reading all this, and seeing the clip, not to mention the hilarious comments on the tearsforpiers sure showed how LOW this one eyed clown has sunk.

418 said...

Being in the States I didn't see Shit Brown on air but here there was a Mike Huckabee interview yesterday evening with, yes, Tony B'liar (from his new home in Jerusalem): it was pukeshite of the worst kind but it went down very well with the studio audience chez Huckabee; Tony seems to be very popular with the Huckabee audience for supporting Dubya's regime change war in Iraq.

He's Spartacus said...

Through the Looking Glass Television.