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Crosspost from OH.

Looks like things are stinking to high heaven in the land of the tundra, north of England. Ol Holborn has the story an I have crossposted it below here.

It concerns the allegations that certain named individuals have been using a Downs Syndrome child "for their amusement" and a desperate attempt is being made to cover it up by various members of the Judiciary in Scotland. She has since been awarded £13K in compensation, forced to flee the country and no one has been charged.

Journalist Robert Green went to find out what was going on last Friday and was promptly arrested. His house has been raided whilst he is locked up and his computer "removed".
Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green was arrested by Grampian Police on Friday. Scotland's Crown Office are said to be heavily involved in the arrest in Aberdeen on Friday of the well known England based journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who travelled to the Grampian area late Thursday to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute identified individuals in an Aberdeen based paedophile gang, names which include key members of Scotland’s legal establishment and even a local Sheriff, who stand accused of serial abuse of disabled victims, including downs syndrome girl, Hollie Greig.

Grampian Police arrested journalist on ‘breach of the peace’. Grampian Police apparently swooped on Mr Green before he was even able to attend Friday’s planned protest, taking him into custody earlier in the morning on a charge of breach of the peace, which Mr Green had been detained on, until his appearance tomorrow (Monday) at Aberdeen Sheriff court, where ironically, Mr Green will be taken before a colleague of a Sheriff who was identified by one of the abuse victims as being an alleged member of the paedophile gang at the centre of the case, who are accused of abusing disabled victims & also passing vulnerable children around their ranks.'
In view of the noise still being made about Dunblane and "operation Ore"(which identified many paedophiles in public office, none yet prosecuted), we could be watching something very unpleasant indeed. A D notice has been slapped on any reporting

More details to follow....

Scottish Law Blog Report

UPDATE: A BBC report on it was pulled. Hear it in full here 

Video here

Meanwhile, here's some rather dark reading

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UPDATE2: It's kicking off

UPDATE 3: The injunction stopping me from publishing this. Yeah, right. Fucking sue me-

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