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ID Cards - So shit the banks won't accept them.

Well this one made me laugh.

From Big Brother Watch

Man can't prove ID with ID card
Darren McTeggart tried to use the £30 ID card to pick up a replacement credit card from a branch of Santander in Manchester, where the scheme was rolled out on a voluntary basis last year.
Mr McTeggart, one of the first people to get the card, said: “They said it was not on their list of approved ID.
“I sent an email to the head office, but they wouldn’t budge. The government has been pushing this card on TV and elsewhere so it beggars belief why the bank won’t accept it.”
So chap buys into what HM Govt are saying about ID cards keeping us safe from dusky terrorists, stopping crime and ID fraud and yet his bank won't even accept it.

Maybe Mr McTeggart should have asked why there are hardly any readers for the ID cards.

The same David Blunkett who also claimed store loyalty cards present a bigger threat to privacy than the government's ID card scheme and told opponents of the controversial project to "get real" about 'Big Brother' surveillance accusations... link

They claim that they are secure and also claimed that chip an pin was also safe, oh the security has already been broken as this link shows.

Listen can you hear that....
its the sound of water....
no sorry my mistake its your tax money....
and look there are all the government ministers stood by a wall....
pissing your tax money away....

3 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

I have never like the idea of ID cards---just rubs me the wrong why. Over here the only ones accepted by most institutions are the SS card which has no picture and a driver's license or approved individual state ID with photo. Seems like everyday we have more and more regulations and rules we are forced to live by. Sometimes I wish I had a small cabin far away in the mountains far from maddening crowds.

Dazed And Confused said...

Another day, another fuck knows how many million pissed up the wall on unworkable bullshit by New Labour filth. Will it ever end?

Amusing Bunni said...

Just goes to show those ID cards are nothing more than a socialist plot to track people. Not to ID them!