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Anne do be a love an go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw.

Oh you got to laugh, well I did when piss poor deselected MP Anne Moffat ran crying to Labour's national executive committee as the locals have decided that she should fuck the fuck off as she is a lazy bastard.

But get this, she claims that:

"the process was unfair because many of her supporters wanted a postal ballot."
Er, what!

So she is arguing that her supporters want as postal ballot as they could not be bothered to turn up at the meeting to support her. 

No doubt she will land a cushy public sector non job heading up a quango after leaving office, with fully equipped office and bed for her to laze about in...

1 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

Dutifully reported by Pravda I see.

Perhaps it's been promised to old Toenails himself, as it's a constituency pretty close to love of his life, Comrade Gordon's in Raith.